Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reel 2017 @Vizrt @Sparanzza #TheNextDoor

Hey Blokes!, what ´ s up?!, happy new year 2017 for all.
This is my first post in this year, today I´m proud to show  My last Reel 2017 @Vizrt @Sparanzza #TheNextDoor, Motion graphics Lower 3rd , elections among them , from various TV programs, Transitions Logics ..., from laSexta TV Channel,
In this Reel They have worked my friends Laura Garzón Olmedo ( twitter: @girldiehard ) and José Sancho Rumeu ( twitter: @jsrumeu | web: )
I hope you like them all ... #HearmehowlAgain
postscript: All the comments and headlines in this video are totally made up!

This year 2017 I will bring the the amazing reel Chapter O - [ #TheEvil ]
See you soon friends! ;) Stick Arounds!!!!!

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Reel @Vizrt Intermission #KnockingMyDoor 2016

Hello everybody , I´m gearing up for 2017, A along time ago upload a video in this year, I have two reason, the first is I´m very busy with the work and the second reason is I spent all this year studying for improve my knowledge.

I´m sorry for the waiting but I hope that the year 2017 will bring two new reels and the amazing reel Chapter O - [ #TheEvil ] , It´s possible that I upload soon other reel #TheNextDoor

On the other hand I will try to come back to write again in my blog, I´m sorry again  I´m very busy , but I wil try to get time to write.

See you soon friends! ;) Stick Arounds!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

#Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist | Viz Trio

At the end I have just approved! #Vizrt Certified Pro Viz Artist and Certified Viz Trio. I am very happy with the experience

I also congratulate all my fellow Certified Vizrt Trio as Alvaro Roldán, Laura Gomez-Pinto Fernandez, Laura Marreiros, Gonzalo , Carmen,Pablo, etc  .... as new certificates Viz Trio,(...)

(...) @jsrumeu José Sancho Rumeu and @girldiehard Laura Garzon also become certificates viz Artist pro, all us from laSexta TV

"Not yet are all published on the official website of vizrt, I hope in the next post post them all, besides the mine! "

And finally say that I'm still working on new demo Reel [#TheEvil] , I can dare say it will be August or September

I hope in my next post with some new video uploaded to my vimeo with some examples made for the vizrt artist certified!

See you soon , friends! 
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Full Demo Kinect ONE Vizrt Artist 3.6.3

Hello again everyone, I'm back again with a full demo of my plug for Vizrt Artist KINECT ONE

This plugin is the full version, except that it has been disabled events at hand. But if you could see as your kinect is connected with Vizrt Artist and see reflected the capture of your skeleton.

Also I leave the link to my old post to follow the instructions to connect 
and the link vimeo  of my video demonstration

You can find more features and descriptions in the plugin info button

A message to all, feel of any use of this plugin, I hope to see soon your opinions on this blog or in twitter with @sparanzza. Would also welcome any photo for your experiences with my plugin.
I hope soon upload updates to the latest versions of vizrt

Thanks for all and See you soon!
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file rar password:
Download Full Demo Kinect Plugin 1.0.1 Vizrt

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm not disappeared

Hey! What's up , I hope that everything goes well at all, I want to forgive me for not posting anything in my blog, but I'm very busy. I have several projects at once and taking them with my work is almost impossible for me to continue with my blog.

I hope soon to be able to update my blog with the second part of my plugin kinect for vizrt for you can test for yourself. If I want to ask a favor of all the people you are testing my plugin and you send your opinions to my blog to learn more about your reactions about this.

I am also working on a couple of new better plugins for Best Vizrt Artist the previous hope to show in early 2016.

To all this is added my short film project that I am slowly progressing, albeit slowly.

I hope to upload soon in my next post the second part of the plugin kinect for Vizrt

Thank you very much everyone , see you soon

Next Vizrt Reel - Chapter 0 [ #TheEvil ] ... 2016 | @Sparanzza #KnockingMyDoor

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Trial version Kinect ONE for Vizrt - GetSensor

Hi all friends, Sparanzza come back !!!
I hope that the holidays have gone well for everyone. I have been quiet in my town two weeks.

But now we return to the attack, and bring with me a little demo of my kinect ONE plug for connection to Vizrt Artist

For now this plugin I uploaded to my blog is just to test that your KINECT V2 (Xbox ONE) successfully connects to your engine, if everything is correct will appear in the dialog the serial number of your device.
You can see the video demo from my vimeo

It is essential to have installed kinect SDK, you download it from this link 

Also ought to have bought the AC adapter for kinect one PC
ADAPTER AC KinectforWindows

Also have your engine installed in the Windows version 8.0 on, since the SDK is not compatible with earlier versions of Windows.

Finally connect your kinect to a USB 3.0 port preferably managed by Renesas chip (with bandwidth of 10Gbit) , in my case buy an adapter TRANSCEND from Amazon.

I hope to soon to upload the second part of the demo of my plugin to the test you

I can only say that I'm back and I'm working on new interesting personal projects I hope soon I upload them to my blog

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Thanks for all and See you soon!

Download GetSensor 1.0.0 Trial Version

Saturday, August 01, 2015

New blog Design!

Hi all, as you have already seen have renewed my blogger with a new image, but still want to finish putting some more details, and fix some small bugs.

With this new design I want to be more up on updating my blog.
I also begin to add in the near future sections of exercises and tutorials both programming in C ++, C # and SQL and other issues in this currently working  or other software, like 3D , etc...

Any ideas that you leave in your comments will always accepted.

I recall that I keep working on my demo reel Chapter 0 [ #TheEvil ] of Vizrt and other demonstration videos on other profiles (You may be able to have another intermission Reel Vizrt video soon).

With this I want to expand the scope of my blog and be a reference in the future for all design lovers.

Greetings to all and until next post, And remember you can follow me in my twitter @Sparanzza.